Monday, June 22, 2009

Fit for a princess!

My daughter Eva had her first princess party this week. She turned 4. So I decided to try my hand at a castle cake.
I started out by making the flowers in advance. Love this method.. They are made out of royal icing. They dry hard in about 8 hours. I sprinkled them with pixie dust. You can tell but they are very sparkly.
The towers were a little more of a challenge. I used white fondant wrapped around cardboard (from a wrapping paper center) Let it dry over night and it was ready to work with. I cut out circles for the tower tops, "glued" them on with corn syrup. Then used powdered shimmer dust with vodka mixed together to form a paint, to paint the tops. I also dusted them with the pixie dust to give them extra glitter.
Then it was time to put everything together. this part was the fun part. Making vines where ever you want and sticking the flowers on the vines also can cover up any fondant wrinkles!! I left the towers off till right before the party.. Note to self.. Put wood dowls in the middle of the towers so they don't lean or fall off when transporting it to the table for candle time!! LOL thank god I had already gotten a few pictures of it.
All in all.. I LOVE this cake.. I was sad to have to cut into it. And very sad to toss the towers after the party. I did save the bottom of the towers though.. I have another cake to make on tues. for my first daughters birthday and I am going to reuse them for a purple castle cake. this time no fondant though.. I am going to try it out with just frosting.
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