Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Slumber Party Cupcakes

My two daughters had a slumber party over spring break. So I had to make these cupcakes from the Hello Cupcake book.


I would have to say, using canned icing is just not the way to go. Even though I know they swear they use it in the book. I have my doubts. It just does not hold up. Also.. I found salt water taffy works great for the blankets. Wow.. it rolls nice. And it comes in a zillion colors. I tried Air heads also.. They have just a few colors. But bright.



I had fun adding my own touches.. The bows were my favorite. I must say, I really enjoyed making these. And the look on all the girls faces when they saw them was priceless.
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Slumber Party Treats

Ok.. so I was trying to make the boy one.. boy I almost peed my pants when I stepped back and looked at this one.. Way to funny.. Need to have the eyes a little different. In the book the boy has a ghost book on his blanket. So he is suppose to be scarred.. But not freaky looking..LOL


And of course, for those of you who know me.. I had to do one of me in Pink and Brown.


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