Thursday, September 16, 2010

14 layer cake

This is what my kitchen counter looked like.. 8 cake pans ready to go. I used round cut out wax paper to fit the bottom of the pans.. I use this a lot when baking breads.. but never with cakes.. saw it in the recipe and thought it was a good idea. I will used this now with all my cakes. It makes it so much easier to get the cake out of the pan. No worries that it will stick.
I use regular pam to spray the bottoms of each pan first. Then put the wax paper down on that so it will stick and stay in place. Also I love using....... wait for it........ PAM for baking.. LOVE IT. when I don't have my quick release for cakes I reach for this. Works great everytime.. and for greasing down 14 pans its a must have. Made the moring go much faster.
This is what my counter looked like with layers of cake cooling. I did not even have enough racks to cool everything down. But they cooled fast and as soon as the last batch came out I was ready to start putting the cake together.
With one daughter looking and watching..
Now the stacking starts. Glaze... Layer... Glaze.. Layer..
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14 layers

after putting the glaze on, this is what it looks like.. a huge stack of pancakes that are shiney!! not too pretty.
So chocolate frosting went on the outside to even everything up and make it look nicer. Now I am at small group.. I had to wait all day to see what the inside would look like.. :) I wanted to cut into it so bad.. As soon as we got there I was reaching for the knife to cut.
Now.. imagine.. :) pink borders around the bottom and top.. with hearts out of frosting on the side.. now see me scraping it all off!! yup.. I did not like how it looked and the hearts looked... well... like poo. So I just could not stand it and took it all off.. re-frosted it and left it plain.
I was excited to cut it open.. I had no idea if it would hold up its form.. Well it did.. :)
Looks pretty cool.. taste.. well again honestly.. kind of bland.. I think the glaze needed to be sweeter.. So next time I will change it up a bit. :)

this is where you can get the recipe if you want to try it out.
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